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  • Free Linux Training

    Cisco has some free Linux Training in Linux Essentials. Before you make the investment in a LPIC certification, this one would be a good place to invest your time. Thank you Cisco for providing this high quality free training. Note, I am not an affiliate of this site, but I highly recommend their Linux Essentials […]

  • Oct 3 2016 – Bash Talk past

    Speaker: Dr. Carl Albing Subject: Bash $x=’ls’ $x=$(ls) echo $x printf “….%s..%05d\n” loops while read aline do . . . done echo $? to see if things were successful $? — get results cd /tmp/mytmp || exit -2 rm $filename cp /tmp/mytmp || {echo “error: can not cd”; exit } rm $filename cd /tmp/mytmp && […]

  • Sept 12 Monday meeting 7pm

    Matt Ward from Red Hat gave a presentation on containers The slides for the presentation can be found here: For additional reading he referred user to these sites: Systemd vs Docker May the Fork Be with You. A short History of open source Forks. Container Format Dispute on the Twitter Shows Disparities […]