May 2nd 2016

We had a meeting again in Starbucks at the Barnes and Nobles. About 11 people showed up. The subjects of discussion touched on programming languages, how to use AI for fun, how to make a secure home network, and new PC innovations.

Stan brought some Linux questions that were answered.

In the short discussion about layers of security, Blake mentioned that he uses his own certificate of authority at home, he also uses PFSense as a firewall and limits traffic in and out to IP address blocks he trusts.

Solid State storage has been upgraded with NVme. This is one of th fastest bus one can obtain now.

I regards to programming Python and Shell scripting were compared.

Ben said he is forwarding his telemarketers to Jolly Rodgers Phone company which is an automated Chat Bot AI. According to Ben, the AI can keep telemarketers on the line for up to 15 minutes.

Category: Info