[Lugstuff] DIMM to Capacitor

William Scrivens wscrivens123 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 08:04:55 EST 2011

Hardware question, I have a 4 DIMM motherboard, which I have used slots 1 &
2 since purchased.

Recently, I've been getting a parity error.  Over the weekend, I cleaned the
computer and reset the memory, and notice two ballooned capacitors near the
DIMM bank.

Two additional and similarly placed and sized capacitors are not ballooned.
 I swapped the ram to slots 3 & 4 and so far all is well.

Does any one know if there is a one to one relationship to the DIMM slots or
DIMM pairs, and capacitors?

This is a Dell 0CJ774 motherboard in a 380 Precision WorkStation.  The
manual says to install RAM in pairs using slots 1 & 2, then 3 & 4.

Dell Support was useless.

Thanks, Bill
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