[Lugstuff] sound driver conundrum

David F Bleil dfbleil at toad.net
Fri Jan 15 08:15:10 EST 2010

Sound was working fine in Open Suse 10.3. Sound chip is an onboard AC97 audio 
controller and the kernel driver is snd_via82xx

Upgrading to Suse 11.1 killed the sound. Attempting to configure the sound is 
Yast produces the error message that the kernel can not load the module 
because of incorrect parameters.

Running alsaconfig as root does not change this.

Knoppix finds and uses the sound chip so the issue is with Suse 11.1.

Questions are - How do I find and set the parameters so that the kernel will 
load the Suse sound module?
How do I find what sound driver the Knoppix is using and make that driver 
available to suse?


David F. Bleil
Catboat sailor from Crofton

SUSE Linux 11.1
This penguin can fly!

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