Dec 5 2016 – Open Meeting Past

About 7 people showed up. We had an open meeting. Highlights included how to setup Synaptic to run without root privileges. Dave mentioned policykit as possible solution outside of using sudo. Tim mentioned Farm Bot and open source solution for gardening. Matt mentioned a few cool places to code for profit. He mentioned indie hackers […] →Read more

Oct 3 2016 – Bash Talk past

Speaker: Dr. Carl Albing Subject: Bash $x=’ls’ $x=$(ls) echo $x printf “….%s..%05d\n” loops while read aline do . . . done echo $? to see if things were successful $? — get results cd /tmp/mytmp || exit -2 rm $filename cp /tmp/mytmp || {echo “error: can not cd”; exit } rm $filename cd /tmp/mytmp && […] →Read more

Sept 12 Monday meeting 7pm

Matt Ward from Red Hat gave a presentation on containers The slides for the presentation can be found here: For additional reading he referred user to these sites: Systemd vs Docker May the Fork Be with You. A short History of open source Forks. Container Format Dispute on the Twitter Shows Disparities […] →Read more

meeting August 1st 2016

We had an open meeting at Barnes and Nobles about 10 people shoewd up. →Read more

We met @ Ijet in Annapolis on July 11 2015

We had a Monday July 11th meeting at Ijet in Annapolis. About 8 people showed up. During the meeting we talked about virtualization and Red Hat certifications. →Read more