4/1/19 meeting notes: Recorded by Teddy Knab 7PM for our one meeting notes reader Brad. 🙂

On this beautiful Spring day, we had a number of visitors. The meeting began as the sun was setting over Annapolis. We had three of the Starbuck tables pushed together. Tim C. and Ben were the first attendees. Followed by Leeroy , Dave D., Dr. Dave, Teddy K, and another Dave showed up. With the number of Daves attending the meeting there was the motion to change the name of the organization to Daves’ Linux Users group. However, the motion was denied by the non-Daves. Additionally, a goat ran through the coffee shop while we were having the meeting. So, some of us spilled coffee as the women and children screamed in a mad panic. Who ever brought the goat, this was a great idea. Nobody bothered us for the remainder of the evening after the magical goat disappeared. On the Linux side of the house, we fixed screen locking issues that Dave was having on Gnome. We discussed Plex, Caliber IRC for downloading information, and the plex customer complaints about the developers watering down the plex product with too many features. Additionally, it is possible that a visitor from Proxima Centauri b may be visiting us next meeting. For those of you not familiar with Proxima Centauri b, it is a tiny planet near Alpha Centauri. I would take you in my orbital spaceship, but the consulate forbids fraternization with the indigenous peoples of Earth. So, my spaceship stays cloaked in orbit to prevent the authorities of your primitive planet from detecting our presence.

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