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My apologies if you have already done this, but If you can get into the UEFI module, disable Secure Boot and enable Legacy Boot.    That might allow you to delete all partitions with GParted and reformat the drive.  In any event, UEFI will not allow you to boot or install a 32-bit Linux distro, so keep that in mind.  I have encountered the repair loop on a neighbor's computer.  If you want to give Windows 10 another chance, here is what I did.  After going through many the Windows repair obstacles that you have experienced, I selected "Reset this PC," and continued with a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 and selected the option to not save any data or installed applications.  Hoping that disabling Secure Boot in UEFI will allow you to use a Linux Live CD to back up your data files before the Windows reset does its thing.
Hope this helps.

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Greetings from Laos,

Is the next meeting still planned for Barnes & Noble in Annapolis?

I am bringing a challenge back. My Asus UX301la is stuck in a perpetual 
"automatic repair" loop. This is a well documented problem for Windoze 
10/8.1 machines that get corrupted hibernation files. I have tried all 
of the Windows repair tricks that I can find - no luck. The Windows 
repair options don't work. I have tried reformatting with Linux - no 
luck. Suse, Redo, Mint, Parted Magic have all failed to make a dent - 
and likewise nothing will install. Every attempt to change the hard 
drive (PCIE SSD) results in I/O errors, and no changes.  I can run Linux 
off of a flashdrive, and that is what I have been using.

So, I will bring the machine and a couple of different but current Linux 
install flash drives. We can see if someone in the group is up to the 
challenge, and can make a dent. I have ordered a replacement SSD, which 
is my next step, if none of the intrepid LUG members have any better 
luck than I did.

LeRoy Duvall

PS - I am going to try sell my Kawasaki. If you know anyone who might be 
interested let them / me know.

On 2016-03-04 05:58, Ted K wrote:
> The this is reminder the next LUG meeting will be at Starbucks in Severna
> Park on Monday March 7th. We have their meeting room reserved between 7PM
> and 9PM.
> This is the Starbucks near Mr Tire and Chick-filla on Route 2 ( Ritchie
> hwy) . It is on the right hand side heading north. This is not the Giant.
> The parking is terrible here.
> The address is 503 Ritchie Hwy.
> http://meetu.ps/2QsKRk
> P.S.
> We will be moving back to Starbucks at Barnes and Nobles the following
> month. Additionally, I am letting the meet-up group die. It costs too much.
> The website and mailing list do the same thing for much less.

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