[Lugstuff] April meeting? Re: 2016 meeting

lduvall at nwlink.com lduvall at nwlink.com
Mon Mar 28 07:29:08 EDT 2016

Greetings from Laos,

Is the next meeting still planned for Barnes & Noble in Annapolis?

I am bringing a challenge back. My Asus UX301la is stuck in a perpetual 
"automatic repair" loop. This is a well documented problem for Windoze 
10/8.1 machines that get corrupted hibernation files. I have tried all 
of the Windows repair tricks that I can find - no luck. The Windows 
repair options don't work. I have tried reformatting with Linux - no 
luck. Suse, Redo, Mint, Parted Magic have all failed to make a dent - 
and likewise nothing will install. Every attempt to change the hard 
drive (PCIE SSD) results in I/O errors, and no changes.  I can run Linux 
off of a flashdrive, and that is what I have been using.

So, I will bring the machine and a couple of different but current Linux 
install flash drives. We can see if someone in the group is up to the 
challenge, and can make a dent. I have ordered a replacement SSD, which 
is my next step, if none of the intrepid LUG members have any better 
luck than I did.

LeRoy Duvall

PS - I am going to try sell my Kawasaki. If you know anyone who might be 
interested let them / me know.

On 2016-03-04 05:58, Ted K wrote:
> The this is reminder the next LUG meeting will be at Starbucks in Severna
> Park on Monday March 7th. We have their meeting room reserved between 7PM
> and 9PM.
> This is the Starbucks near Mr Tire and Chick-filla on Route 2 ( Ritchie
> hwy) . It is on the right hand side heading north. This is not the Giant.
> The parking is terrible here.
> The address is 503 Ritchie Hwy.
> http://meetu.ps/2QsKRk
> P.S.
> We will be moving back to Starbucks at Barnes and Nobles the following
> month. Additionally, I am letting the meet-up group die. It costs too much.
> The website and mailing list do the same thing for much less.

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