[Lugstuff] Ubuntu on a laptop?

Stephen Wehrenberg stephen.wehrenberg at verizon.net
Wed Jan 26 16:44:22 EST 2011

Sorry to broadcast like this but couldn't find another way to contact 
anyone in LUG.

I live in Bowie, and I'm looking for a Ubuntu "journeyman."

I have a couple of old laptops, a Dell with a Celeron processor at 2.6 
gHz and a Gateway with  AMD Athlon 64 4000+ at 2.59 gHz.  I would love 
to load Ubuntu on one and take Linux for a spin.  No problem getting the 
OS on there (I have a Ubuntu 10.10 boot disk) but getting all the 
drivers loaded in and usable seems to be just outside my experience 
envelope.  Linux is not Windows, or DOS, or even CP/M!

So I'm in the hunt for someone who wouldn't mind a little side job, for 
which I would be willing to pay a reasonable price, getting one of these 
up and fully functioning.  Then I can play around and maybe even learn 

If that worked out, I also have an ASUS netbook with their wild 
implementation of Linux on board that I can't do a thing with and which 
seems no longer supported.  I tried Ubuntu on that, couldn't find 
drivers (my common problem); gave up on that, put Windows on it, which 
ground it to a halt of course, then reloaded the proprietary version of 
Linux.  It works, in that it has old versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, 
and OpenOffice, but the interface is all ASUS and impenetrable ... I 
can't even update what's on it.   I'd kind of like to get that up with 
Ubuntu on board, as well.

So any pointers to someone who would take this on would be appreciated.  
I tried the Geek Squad, but they tell me they don't support any Linux work.




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