[Lugstuff] Jun 2010 meeting

Theodore Knab tjk at annapolislinux.org
Sat May 29 14:27:29 EDT 2010


The next LUG meeting will be held on Monday June 7th at 7PM.

The directions can be found on the website:

Hope to see you there.

Dave B. mentioned he would like to learn about bug reports and how to
file a useful one that developers would accept. If anyone successfully
filled a bug report we would like to hear about it. Thanks.

>>> Dave's request <<<<
I realize that I am probably the only persistent beginner in the LUG.
However this topic would be quite useful to me and possibly others if aAt a
future LUG meeting I would like to have someone discuss how to file a useful Bug
report when a software bug is found.
1)What data should be collected
2) how to collect it,
3) how to register the bug with the appropriate site and
4) how and when to follow up, if need be.

 David Bleil
 Catboat Sailor

Ted Knab
Stevensville, MD USA

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