[Lugstuff] Introduction / need help ASAP (paid)

Mike Weiss michaelthomasweiss at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 12:06:25 EST 2010

Hey A-LUG,

I work in Annapolis and am moving to town in the next couple of weeks to
live for the summer, so it's great to find this group and I look forward to
participating in meetings and dicussions...

My company is looking for someone with Linux experience for short-term help
on a project (about 4 months). While someone with extensive professional
Linux experience at the engineering and architecture level would be nice
(ideally RHCE certified), a well practiced hobbiest with limited
professional experience who knows Linux inside and out from the OS
perspective would just fine. The bottom line is we need to find someone who
knows the core standards and concepts, not the flashy brand-name products
that use them. Also...we need someone comfortable with 4 months of work with
no extension. The work is here in Annapolis...

If any list member fits one of these two profiles then please get in touch
ASAP. Just send along a resume or brief description of your experience.



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