[Lugstuff] Thank you all! There is sound!

David F Bleil dfbleil at toad.net
Sat Jan 23 20:58:59 EST 2010

Thank you to all who made suggestions and comments. The key seems to have been 
the understanding that PulseAudio and ALSA talk to each other, or at least 
supposed to.??

?After fumbling around with the driver I got from the chip manufacturer site I 
got to an error I could understand. ?The compiler was complaining about a 
field called CFLAGS, and said the source should be changed to EXTRA_CFLAGS. ?I 
googled that and found an entry explaining that someone had installed the 
1.0.19 version of the driver and it fixed everything with a link to the ALSA 
site. ?I went there and got their latest source along with all the related 
utilities and libraries for 1.0.22! ??Finally, everything worked, no more 
error message about snd-via82xx.

Once again Linux has proved to be a learning experience whether I wanted it or 
not. However there is help when needed and that is what makes this a 

David Bleil
Catboat Sailor from Crofton

Suse Linux 11.1
This penguin can fly!

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