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Thomas Gallen kaori.hinata at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 09:17:25 EDT 2008

It's true, they just don't give them as much attention as their
Windows counterparts. Hell, some of them don't give them any attention

To find Dell's Linux machines is probably the most painless of the 3.
You have to go to the business section, then under laptops you'll see
"Open-Source Laptops". This page however comes up when you Google it for
the most part and offers some additional information including a link to
the machines in question.

HP is nicer with this including a matrix of supported systems for
multiple distributions and though tricky to find at first, the laptops
(from that page) are there when you go to "Configure PC" on most of the

"Supports" Linux meaning of course that you can install it, but I
haven't found where you can buy the laptop without Windows...

Happy laptop hunting,

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 07:55:53AM -0400, Norbert Zacharias wrote:
> 080924
> Thanks for the info regarding Linux laptops, appreciate this!
> I am not too much worried about installing the OS and needing
> support from a company, our IT people will do this.  The important
> thing is to buy the "right" hardware which "will work" with RHE 5,
> and I would like to buy without paying Microsoft in the first
> place.  In 2005 I got my HP laptop (nx5000) directly from HP
> with no MS on it or paid for.  Although the pre-installed
> distro was soon scraped and replaced by a different distro,
> it worked well.
> Last year I read that companies like Dell, HP and Lenovo
> now directly sell Linux laptops.  Is this no longer true?
> Norbert
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