[Lugstuff] more on Linux laptops

Norbert Zacharias nz at usno.navy.mil
Wed Sep 24 07:55:53 EDT 2008


Thanks for the info regarding Linux laptops, appreciate this!

I am not too much worried about installing the OS and needing
support from a company, our IT people will do this.  The important
thing is to buy the "right" hardware which "will work" with RHE 5,
and I would like to buy without paying Microsoft in the first
place.  In 2005 I got my HP laptop (nx5000) directly from HP
with no MS on it or paid for.  Although the pre-installed
distro was soon scraped and replaced by a different distro,
it worked well.

Last year I read that companies like Dell, HP and Lenovo
now directly sell Linux laptops.  Is this no longer true?


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