[Lugstuff] Recomendations for Linux Laptops

David F Bleil dfbleil at toad.net
Tue Sep 23 20:47:35 EDT 2008

Two companies I have delt with and which I would recommend to provide Linux 
laptops are;
R Cubed Technologies
www.rcubed.com    800-672-8233

and Emperor Linux
www.emperorlinux.com  888-651-6686

Each of these companies will sell a laptop with Linux only on it or dual boot 
with windows, your option. Each of these companies will ensure that all the 
relevant capabilities of the laptop will work out of the box.

R Cubed is selling refurbished laptops at reduced prices but I believe that 
all or most of the refurbished laptops come with windows.

My laptop comes from Emperor and is an IBM Thinkpad (now known as Lenovo). I 
use open SUSE and have no problems with it. I don't know about an ID card 
scanner because I do not have one.


David F. Bleil
Catboat sailor from Crofton

SUSE Linux 10.3
This penguin can fly!

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