[Lugstuff] laptop recommendations

Norbert Zacharias nz at usno.navy.mil
Tue Sep 23 06:32:46 EDT 2008


Hi all,

I soon need to buy a new Linux laptop and would like to get some
recommendation.  My old one is an HP which came with Suse 9.
I definitely don't want to pay fees to Microsoft and then wipe
the disk clean before installing a new OS.  A few month back I
was looking into Dell systems but could not figure out how to
get to the "linux only" site.  What companies do offer pre-installed
Linux at this time?

The system would need to have a screen resolution of at least
1400x1050, better something like 1600x1200, 15in or 17in.
DVD burn capabilities, cable ethernet, and if still around, build-in
modem connection.

I would like an ID card scanner included.  Eventually this will
run on RHE 5, but my company takes care of that.

Any suggestions?


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