[Lugstuff] Regarding a new Meeting Place.

Patrick Roanhouse patrickroanhouse at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 16:38:14 EDT 2008

You would think that being it is a community college and funded by tax  
payers that they would fully open it to the use of the community at  
large for use when not full. For town meetings or other organizations.  
They really should pass a a state bill to allow community college to  
be used when public locations are not available to public community  

On Sep 22, 2008, at 4:01 PM, Thomas Gallen wrote:
> I've confirmed this with a coworker, however, he gave me the contact
> information of the group that deals with reservations, so I'm going to
> try contacting them directly.
> I also agree about the lack of community halls. This annoys the shite
> out of me since there really isn't anywhere that you can gather for
> larger events such as uninterrupted public speaking and hardware/ 
> software
> demonstration.
> Looking at the schedule, the amount of free space available here is
> ridiculous and a huge waste of space and resources so I'll see if I
> can't find some way to get an area. The current bookstore/coffee shop
> meetings just don't seem like they would scale too well in the future.
> Thomas
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 01:33:50PM -0400, Patrick Roanhouse wrote:
>> I am a former student of AACC and also the program manager for  
>> Annapolis
>> Apple Slice Mac Users Group as well. We looked into getting one of  
>> the
>> auditoriums in CALT since the Severna Park library is closed now on
>> sundays. You have to book at least two months in advance as well as  
>> pay a
>> 200 dollar fee since it not a school club or organization. I also  
>> had tried
>> to start a Linux User Group at the school but was only able to  
>> start a
>> Network Security Club before I matriculated schools. I think it is  
>> kind of
>> sad for the Annapolis Maryland area that we don't have the same  
>> kind of
>> community halls like Virginia counties have. Not only for community  
>> club
>> organizations but also for the fact you can't be active and come to  
>> town
>> government meetings on the scale of inclusion like they do say in  
>> Fairfax
>> in VA with their huge community meeting hall.

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