[Lugstuff] Regarding a new Meeting Place.

Thomas Gallen kaori.hinata at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 11:36:34 EDT 2008

First and foremost, my name is Thomas Gallen and I'm a Linux user
in employment at Anne Arundel Community College (probably one of the
few aside from professor Seabrook). Regarding the current gathering
place issue, has anyone stopped by the community college and asked
about using a room for meetings? I'm pretty sure the rooms meet all
of the requirements laid out earlier and even more depending on what
room you get (an auditorium would be awesome but the meeting rooms
definitely have ample table space for disecting rackmount servers,
personally though, I'd recommend a CALT lab but I'm not sure if a lab
could be used for these purposes). If you want any information about
our policies, or encounter any issues with procuring a room I'll see
what I can do, however I can't make any promises. I would however like
to see you guys get a decent meeting place with ample equipment.

Regarding driving distance, the college is up route 50 then down Richie
Highway/route 2 a bit so it's pretty close to Annapolis.


>From West Street in Annapolis, it clocks the travel time at about 11


(P.S. Har, my first sentence makes me sound like I'm writing to Linux
Users Anonymous about my kernel compiling addiction or something.)

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