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  • Jan 2015 meeting

    Posted on January 12th, 2015 T.K. No comments

    The January 2015 meeting was in Barnes and Nobles from 7PM to 9PM.

    We had about 8 users. Tim C. brought in a broken ATX mini case that was missing a cover. He said that he was having a power issue. Brad the previous owner of this object advised him to screw the cover back on. The power supply accordingly did not appear to be properly grounded. The cover may be part of the ground for the case.

    Brad B. talked a little about new and exciting FreeNas alternatives. FreeNAS has been the dominate player in providing a ‘Free SAN’. However, this is a FreeBSD solutions, and some want a Linux based solution. Although there is Openfiler, it has not been upgraded in a few years. Despite this Brad was excited to announce that Easy NAS and RockStor are two NEW Linux alteratives to FreeNAS. Brad B. is testing that both and seems to think that RockStor looks the most promising.

    Dave B. mentioned he was worried about moving to a newer version of SUSE because his system is using software RAID. We recommneded he just make a backup of his data on a USB attached storage and then rebuild the machine and import the data. This should allow him to rebuild it without any data loss – in theory.

    David C. mentioned he wanted to learn how to ‘backup’ his DVD collection on another type of media. This problem is still not solved. But, some software possiblities were mentioned.

    Nobody has taken the LPI certification, but the LUG gets a discount with the ‘Meetup15′ code.

    P.S. My new year resolution is to get all the meeting notes online in a timely manner. Please feel free to remind me. -Ted

  • meeting notes for Dec 2013 and Jan 2014

    Posted on January 23rd, 2014 T.K. No comments

    We have been having great turn outs despite the cold.

    On January 6, 2014 we meet. We had about 10 people.
    The discussion started with Brad talking about Xen and Citrix. Apparently, Xen-Server is now opensource. This used to be a commerical product sold by Citrix while the simplier version Xen was opensource. The Opensource Xen-Server has many of the same features you find in Vshpere or Microsoft’s virutalization product. Most of the commerical product sell features like ‘live migration’ and ‘HA’, which Xen-Server does for free.

    We talked about sandboxing a machine with ‘chroot’ and ‘lps’. This is one way to keep your Linux machine pretty safe while browsing the web. Other sandboxing solutions are lxc linux containers and docker installs. After talking about sandboxing a system, we went on to Glusterfilesystem and open media solutions in Linux. Some media solutions that came up were ‘media tomb’, ‘plex3′, ‘open media vault’.

    On Dec 3, 2013, we had a similiarly large turn out. This meeting was all over the place. We started talking about desktop managers, and ended with security software. Someone mentioned that ‘flux box’ or ‘black box’ was better for running Wine applications on Linux. Another person mentioned that the new version of Mint16 broke Gnome compatiblity. Then we talked about the package managers. ‘Synaptic package manager’ was discussed shortly as one of Ubuntu’s main gui tools. For getting special packages, someone mentioned using ‘ppa’, which stands for ‘personal package manager’. Adding ‘ppa’s to your Ubuntu distro lets you gets software that you normally don’t have access to with the standard packages. Someone had a problem with lvm on a mixed drive that does both solidstate and regular SATA in the same device. We recommended a firmware upgrade. Virtual machines applications were discussed a little. Docke, kvm, vmware, xen, openbox, and parrells are some of the choices people could make. At the end of the meeting, ‘backtrack’ and ‘helix’ were talked about as forensic tools.

  • Nov 2013 meeting notes

    Posted on November 4th, 2013 T.K. No comments

    We have been having very good turnouts for the meetings. All the chairs in the conference room are full. Today, we talked about various topics. Tim Cash started the talk with some questions in regards to building a new machine. He had some questions about monitors and DVI on a 24 inch. Dave D. mentioned that DVI has a max of 1900×1200 on 24 inch monitors. He also recommended ATI(AMD) Infinity cards. There was talk about filesystems, using duck duck go as a search engine, and rainbow tables for password encryption.

  • Meeting Notes: August 5 2013

    Posted on August 6th, 2013 T.K. No comments

    Dick Seabrook from AACC came and talked about Linux and programming classes available at AACC. Recently he came out of retirement and has been putting together some very challenging introductory to advance Linux classes. He is teaching CSI 135 in the fall semester. Take csi 135 online if you want to develop shell programming skills but don’t have much time to take classes during the day.

  • meeting notes: March 4th 2013 at 7PM.

    Posted on February 18th, 2013 T.K. No comments

    We had an open meeting. About 8 people showed up for the meeting. We had a bunch of new people during this meeting.

    We discussed using the Linux command line. We helped a user with an Ubuntu install. We also discussed Linux news sources.