If you are sick of Windows, come join. We won't bite.
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  • Meetings (new location)


    The LUG meetings are informal. Normally, we talk about various issues. Our primary meeting goal is to function as both a social group and group that helps people with Linux related questions.

    History of the Meetings:
    Since Monday Sept 14th, 2009, we have been meeting at 7PM at Mavenspire on 53 Old Solomon’s Island Rd in Annapolis. This facility is on the other side of the Shoppers Warehouse.
    Normally, we will meet on the first Monday of the month unless that day is a holiday. If there is a holiday on the first Monday of the month, we meet on the following Monday.

    We met at Barnes and Nobles for 9 years previously. So if you are looking for us there, we moved.