Feb 2015 meeting notes

We met at Barnes and nobles. We had about 10 people show up for this meeting.
There were two talks going on at the same time at this meeting. On one corner of the table Tim Cash brought some hardware that was being troubleshot. We also had a talk about software. On software there was a question of how to make the Ubuntu updater ‘synaptic’ update without the need for a password everytime. The first suggestion was to use ‘sudo’ from a terminal window. Using sudo would allow a user to launch synaptic as root and prevent the need of a password. However, the user wanted to use the gui. This made the problem more complicated since the gui uses a different authentication mechanism. The gui uses policykit-authnetication for synaptic. However, policykit may have exceptions. Leroy had a question in regards to turning off geo location searches from Goggle. He said he wanted to put his searches through a different region. We showed him how to do this. However, another LUG user recommended he just use ‘private internet access‘ as alternative. Apperently, this group provides vpn access from multiple regions. Additonally on the software theme, there was more talk about virtualization. Many believe ‘docker’ will be the next big thing in application virtualization, but it still may not replace vmware completely.’Vagrant‘ another virtualization provider was discussed.