Meeting: Dec 6, 2010 (zenos)

On December 6th LUG will be having guest speaker Nick Yeates come and from 7PM to 9PM.

Learn how to handle data center monitoring and assurance with Zenoss, an Enterprise Open Source monitoring application. Zenoss helps companies like LinkedIn, SAIC, VMware, Verizon, and DISA handle the monitoring, operations and management challenges of their evolving data centers. You will receive a demo of the Zenoss Core and we will quickly open the floor to discussing general sys admin sore points, IT architecture’s future, and related topics. This meeting will occur at the Annapolis LUG location: 53 Old Solomon’s Island Road, Suite H, Annapolis MD 21401.

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Nick Yeates, is the Open Source Community Lead at Zenoss. The Zenoss office is just down the road in Annapolis. He says, ” I do not plan to keep the session tied to who I work for – I like to get a holistic view and become part of the audience by engaging the group. Hope to see you there!”