August 2010 Meeting notes

Dave B. had some questions about x509 certificates and how they work. In summary, Dave Dodge gave a short background on how x509 does. The talk then spawned into PGP and how key based encryption works.

Using Verizon Action Tech as a bridge to reduce the performance bottleneck. According to Brad, when most cable modems refer to NAT but are actually doing PAT. PAT and NAT are better explained on wikipedia.
PAT has limitations when you plug in a lot of devices. Thus, to him you get better results putting your cheap verzion action tech fiber modem in Bridge mode and run NAT on an open source router.

Printer recommendations. Someone said the best printer is the one with the cheapest toner. Most printers are given away free, but the toner cost a fortune to replace. Thus, be weary of free printers.

New file-systems: BTRFS and ZFS filesystem and Oc2fs.

Using UPS bypass.

Token ring networks.