July 2010 meeting notes

About 6 people showed up for this meeting. This meeting was an open topic.
Thus, we just talked about random things.

1. Fon Router
Patrick R. gave a review of the Fon Router. He says in Europe many are given the fon router if they setup an open/free wireless. Here in America Star bucks and Barnes and nobles is all free so it is a null point for star bucks. However, as a corporate entity they could probably get free routers from fon for providing open/free wireless.

DC Lug and GWU are having a interesting speaker this month according to Michael. One of particular interest was new screen technology that the Linux based ‘one laptop per child’ project has introduced. The new screens require a very small amount of power. They use sunlight to illuminate when used in sun light. Also the screens are practically indestructible. The screen technology is being used by new the mini laptops.

3 Oracle and Open source. Orcale is one of the most expensive commercial software solutions. Now it owns Sun, and Mysql. Both Sun Java and Mysql are very large open source projects now under it.

4. Patrick gave a plug for his podcast. He is a blogger press agent. As an agent he does stories for plan8.

5. Misc. quotes:
“Centos is a north american distro.”
“Redhat and jboss don’t work together despite being under the same corporate umbrella.”
“Sony sued itself once. The case was Sony entertainment vs Sony electronics.”
“Open sources biggest educational stronghold is Hawaii”