June 2010 Meeting notes

About 6 people showed up for this meeting.

We had an open meeting.

New Linux issues:
1. Nick was having some issues setting up Subversion 1.6 and in dependency hell.

2. Demitri was setting up Ubuntu 10 on this new System76 laptop. He had some questions about cron and anacron, which put us in a talk about the the two schedulers. Anacron it appears came about for laptops. It runs from a cronjob. If you don’t have anacron set to run in cron your cronjobs that were missed when a machine was off will not run. Demitri also had some questions about secure backups. Brad recommended that Demitri look at Drdb which does block backups.

3. There was some talk in regards to what databases to look at in Linux. Most recommended mysql as a database. However, Postgres is also good if you have previous database experience and want something that has more advanced database features.

4. Brad gave a demo of a content management system called concrete5. Concrete5 is a CMS that was created to provide a simple alternative to Drupal.
He showed his site thefootballbooklist.com Brad also mentioned that Blue ray writers provide a cheap way to make media backups holding 50-200GB backups.

5. Dave said he built a new system for less than $1000.
components: 6GB Crucial RAM ( newegg)
1 Fathontom 2 processor (Tiger Direct)
1 Asus Motherboard Model M4N98TD EVO with Nvidia on-board.
2 9800 Gforce EVGA cards for quad screens